Readout of Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco’s Meeting with the Retail Industry Leaders Association | OPA

Yesterday, Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Lisa O. Monaco met with a group of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) at the Retail Industry Leaders Association’s annual Washington, D.C., summit to discuss a host of issues impacting the industry nationwide — including cybersecurity as well as violent crime and gun violence.

On cybersecurity, the DAG cautioned the CEOs to be mindful of what the Justice Department continues to see as the “blended threat” of sophisticated cyber-criminal groups and nation-state actors forming alliances of convenience, of opportunity, and by design. She encouraged retailers to bolster their cyber defensives and proactively develop a relationship with their local FBI.

In discussing how the Justice Department is combating violent crime and gun violence, the DAG also addressed organized retail crime, in particular, the federal charges U.S. Attorneys across the country are bringing in instances of aggravated retail theft. The DAG also highlighted the federal resources and expertise that the Department’s law enforcement components are providing to our state and local partners, including as members of retail theft task forces.

Lastly, the DAG took the opportunity to reiterate that corporate criminal enforcement is a priority for the Justice Department and stressed to the CEOs the importance of fostering a strong culture of corporate compliance.

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