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RALEIGH, N.C. – A Raleigh man was sentenced today to 144 months in federal prison for robbing three Subways and three gas stations in Raleigh in 2019.  

According to court documents, an investigation conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, with the assistance of local law enforcement officials in Raleigh, North Carolina, revealed that from June 20, 2019, to June 24, 2019, Khaliq Roberto Miranda, 28 years old and a validated member of the Sex, Money Murder sect of the United Bloods Nation, robbed multiple Raleigh businesses to include three Subways and three gas stations.

On June 20, 2019, Miranda entered the Subway on Avent Ferry Road in Raleigh and approached the counter where two employees were working.  Miranda shoved one of the employees in the throat to move the employee toward the cash register.  Miranda then grabbed the other employee and pushed her toward the cash register.   Miranda then placed what appeared to be a firearm to the back of one of the employees while instructing the other employee to empty the register.  Miranda fled the scene once provided with the register money, $300.

On June 21, 2019, Miranda entered the Subway restaurant on Wake Forest Road in Raleigh.  He jumped over the counter and demanded money from two restaurant employees. One of the employees denied seeing a firearm; however, noted that Miranda was holding the waistband of his pants in a manner to insinuate he possessed a firearm.  Once provided with the money, $662, Miranda forced one of the employees to the back of the business to unlock the back door so he could flee. Also, on June 21, 2019, video surveillance showed Miranda enter the BP Gas Station on Louisburg Road in Raleigh.  Miranda grabbed the clerk by the neck while he brandished what appeared to be a firearm and demanded the employee open the safe.  After the clerk provided him with the money, $80, Miranda pushed the clerk to the ground and exited the business.

On June 23, 2019, Miranda ran into the Subway restaurant located on Western Boulevard in Raleigh, jumped the counter, and demanded money from two employees.  After the clerks gave him the money, $434, Miranda had the employees lead him to the back door, through which he exited. 

On June 24, 2019, Miranda once again robbed the BP Gas Station on Louisburg Road. Miranda came upon an employee who was outside smoking.  Miranda grabbed the employee by the neck and forced her into the gas station.  Miranda, who was holding what appeared to be a firearm, then demanded money from the employee stating, “Don’t make me shoot you with this 9.”  After receiving $115 from the employee, Miranda directed the employee to lie down on the ground and then fled the business.

Later, on June 24, 2019, Miranda entered the Circle K Gas Station on New Bern Avenue in Raleigh. Miranda walked behind the counter and placed his knuckle to the back of the clerk’s neck, insinuating he possessed a firearm.  Miranda then told the clerk, “You know what time it is.”  The clerk emptied the register and gave Miranda a plastic bag containing $250.  Miranda then ran out of the business.  

G. Norman Acker, III, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina made the announcement after sentencing by U.S. District Judge Terrence W. Boyle. The Raleigh Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives investigated the case and Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel W. Smith  prosecuted the case.

Related court documents and information can be found on the website of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina or on PACER by searching for Case No. 5:20-CR-00260-BO

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