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BEAUMONT, Texas – The Eastern District of Texas has taken another significant step in promoting justice, fairness, and transparency in the areas of corporate and white-collar enforcement.

“For the past four years, the Department of Justice has introduced and formalized policies relating to corporate and white-collar enforcement actions. These policies are good for government, good for fairness, good for transparency, good for the public, and consistent with the Department’s pursuit not just victory, but also justice,” said U.S. Attorney Stephen J. Cox. “Today, the Eastern District of Texas has adopted a policy that fully commits the District to pursuing its civil and criminal white-collar and corporate investigations pursuant to these Department policies.”

The new Eastern District of Texas corporate enforcement policy is designed to balance the District’s aggressive enforcement of corporate and white-collar fraud against equally important considerations such as transparency, good government, and fairness. U.S. Attorney Cox said, “the Eastern District of Texas is continually innovating as part of our goal to be on the cutting edge of corporate and white-collar enforcement. Specifically adopting these Department’s policies solidifies the District’s leadership in these areas.”  

The Eastern District of Texas’ formal adoption of Department policies removes any ambiguity regarding whether the Department’s policies apply to investigations by the United States Attorney’s office.  The policy applies to all current and future civil and criminal investigations and will be effective immediately.  It directs all Criminal and Civil Assistant United States Attorneys to review the Department’s policies and apply them to any current investigations and litigations.  The Eastern District of Texas policy is available here.

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