U.S. Attorney Halsey Frank’s Message to Maine Law Enforcement on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2021 | USAO-ME

“Dear Maine Law Enforcement Partners:

I write in honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Now more than ever, it is important to acknowledge those who wear a uniform, preserve the peace, and maintain law and order. Your doing so enables us to enjoy the liberties we cherish, and that the rest of the world envies. All too often, rather than thanks for providing these services, law enforcement is met with suspicion and distrust, and subjected to second-guessing and criticism.

Every day, Maine police officers, sheriff’s deputies, state troopers and other law enforcement officers leave their homes and their loved ones to protect the rest of us. They don’t know what dangers they may encounter. There is no guarantee that they will return home safely. These days, we ask even more. In addition to your law enforcement duties, you and your colleagues are required to perform the roles of drug treatment provider, paramedic, mental health professional, crisis interventionist, and domestic violence counselor.

So, thank you and your brothers and sisters in uniform, for all you do.


Halsey B. Frank

U.S. Attorney”

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