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On October 19, Esteban Bonilla Lopez, 35, was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison for possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine. After stopping Lopez’s vehicle in Cleburne, Texas, officers requested to search the car. Lopez denied the request. Officers used a drug detecting canine which altered law enforcement to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle. Lopez admitted that he had methamphetamine in the truck and that he traveled to Midland to distribute the drugs.  This case was investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. Assistant U.S. Attorney Suzanna Etessam prosecuted this case.


On October 19, Geovanni Aaron Luna, 23, was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison for possession of an unregistered firearm silencer.  Luna was pulled over in Garland, Texas for a traffic offense. During the traffic stop, troopers uncovered a homemade silencer created from a modified fuel filter with an aluminum tube and threaded adapter to fit his .22 caliber pistol. Luna admitted that the silencer was not registered to in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record. This case was investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the Texas Department of Public Safety and is prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Abe McGlothin.


On October 20, Hugo Alberto Espinoza-Gonzalez, 38, plead guilty to possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and illegal reentry after removal from the United States.  Agents observed Espinoza-Gonzalez enter a vehicle containing 46.8 kilograms of methamphetamine. Dallas Police Department officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop of the vehicle, however, Espinoza-Gonzalez refused to stop and sped away. Eventually, Espinoza-Gonzalez abandoned the vehicle and fled on food until officers arrested him. Espinoza-Gonzalez faces up to 40 years in federal prison for the drug-related crimes and 20 years for the illegal immigration offenses. This case was investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Assistant U.S. Attorney John Kull is prosecuting this case.


On October 20, Dominique Ray McNeely, 37, plead guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance. McNeely traveled to a Dallas residence to take part in cocaine transaction. During the drug deal one coconspirator was shot to death. McNeely also conspired with others to distribute two kilograms of cocaine to others in exchange for $70,000. He admitted to being primarily a marijuana dealer with suppliers located in California. Through the course of his unlawful activity he acquired a Jeep, Porsche, jewelry, and approximately $40,000 in drug proceeds all of which is subject to forfeiture. McNeely faces up to 20 years in federal prison for his crimes. This case was investigated by the ATF and the Dallas Police Department. Assistant U.S. Attorney Rick Calvert is prosecuting this case.


On October 22, Daniel Hicks, 55, plead guilty to attempting to transfer obscene material to a minor. Law enforcement established an undercover profile as a 14-year-old girl on an internet gaming website. Within a short period of time, Hicks sent 31 sexually explicit images or videos to a user which he thought was a minor. When questioned by law enforcement, Hicks admitted to chatting with a person he believed was a minor.  Hicks faces up to 10 years in federal prison for his crimes.  This case was investigated by the U.S. Secret Service and the Garland Police Department. Assistant U.S. Attorney Melanie Smith prosecuted this case.

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