Utah Receiving $994,943 In Department Of Justice Funding To Enhance State Victim Assistance Programs | USAO-UT

SALT LAKE CITY – U.S. Attorney John W. Huber announced Wednesday morning that Utah is receiving almost $1 million in Department of Justice grant awards to support crime victims in Utah. The grants, awarded by the Department’s Office of Justice Programs, are part of more than $144 million distributed nationwide to enhance the response to victims of crime throughout the United States.

“The Department of Justice is steadfast in its commitment to protecting public safety and bringing justice to those who have been victimized,” said Attorney General William P. Barr. “The investments we are making today will support service providers as they work to secure the legal rights of victims and put survivors of criminal acts on the road to recovery.”

“The Department of Justice underscores its commitment to victim rights by dedicating resources like those announced today. These awards will help shore up gaps that may exist in the state, and provide substantial assistance to better serve Utah communities,” Huber said today.

Utah State University in Logan, Utah, will receive $196,335 as a part of the Law Enforcement-Based Victim Specialist program.  This funding allows recipients to better support victims of crime through the criminal justice process.

The Utah Office for Victims of Crime is receiving two awards.

The Utah office is one of seven states to receive funding under the Crime Victim Compensation Assessment Program. The $348,608 award will support the states in assessing victims’ access to compensation programs and implementing recommendations to increase the number of victims aware of this resource.

The Utah Office for Victims of Crime is also one of 10 states receiving $450,000 through the State Victim Liaison Project to place one or more experienced crime victim liaisons within selected Victims of Crimes Act state administrating agencies to act as a bridge between state and other state-based nongovernmental organizations to identify gaps in victim services and improve access to resources for crime victims in rural and tribal areas, older victims of crime, and victims of violent crime.


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